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The organization was co-founded in 1985 by Bob Mark, Ph.D., and the late Buddy Portugal, LCSW when they launched the program now known as The BreakThrough Weekend for Men but originally called The Men’s Room. The two also created the Wisdom Years Weekend. Bob and Buddy were co-authors of Victories of the Heart, the book from which the organization derives its name.

Bob is a clinical psychologist with a successful private practice. He also serves as a consultant to the executives of Fortune 500 companies and a teacher of Tai Ji, both in the Chicago area and in Sedona, Arizona. Through innovative programs, like Mindsprouts (creative problem solving) and Psycho-Ji (mind-body-spirit awakening), Bob has helped individuals, couples, and corporations for over 35 years. Bob has been married for over 37 years and has two married children.

Until his passing in November 2010, Buddy was a psychotherapist who counseled individuals, families, and groups in the Chicago area. He also served as a consultant to businesses and organizations and lectured internationally. Buddy was married for over 28 years and has two grown children.

Victories of the Heart, NFP is an Illinois not for profit corporation. Donations are exempt from income, gift, and estate taxes under Section 101 of the Internal Revenue Code. Victories does not offer professional services that would subject it to regulation or registration by any state or professional licensing body.

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