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All those who serve Victories, including its board of directors, senior and assistant leadership, weekend staff volunteers, and personal growth group facilitators are expected to behave in a professional and ethical manner at all times. For this reason, each is asked for a signature indicating his adherence to the organization’s code of ethics, whose provisions are designed to reinforce a number of widely accepted practices. They include the promise of confidentiality; the primacy of emotional and physical safety; the prohibition of dual relationships, which include engaging a weekend or group participant as a client; and the requirement that in their service to the organization, licensed clinicians adhere to the ethical codes of their respective professional organizations. The code of ethics explicitly prohibits new professional or personal relationships between our leaders and the men attending our programs.

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Victories of the Heart, NFP is an Illinois not for profit corporation. Donations are exempt from income, gift, and estate taxes under Section 101 of the Internal Revenue Code. Victories does not offer professional services that would subject it to regulation or registration by any state or professional licensing body.

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