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At each BreakThrough and Wisdom Years weekend, men arrive as individuals and leave as a cohesive group of connected by a shared experience. Afterward, they have the opportunity to continue their journey together by participating in a personal growth group (PGG). For the first six months, the group’s meetings are facilitated by trained volunteers who guide members in exploring themselves and learning interpersonal skills they can apply outside the group. When facilitation terminates, the group has the option to continue meeting on its own.

A man’s open and honest  communication with the other men in his group can be a source of community and continuity. It can teach him something new about himself. And it can help him learn new ways to connect with others, ways he can apply in his  most important relationships and his daily living.

A weekend can help a man envision the change he seeks. His group can help him make it real.

If you are looking for a group or want to merge your group, contact the Victories Office at 312.604.5013 or

Can't Commit to a Group?

All are invited to attend the Victories Open Circle Meetings, every Monday night in Evanston and twice monthly in Oak Park. More info here.

Be sure to visit the Groups documents page for more info here

Download the form for Personal Growth Group Information and Registration

Payment plans and financial assistance are available for the Personal Growth Group participation fee. The payment options can be downloaded here.


“My group is a place where I feel heard, accepted, and supported - a place where I continue to grow. In deep and important ways, it is like a second family to me.”

P.R. - BreakThrough Group Participant

“After more than four years, our group continues to deepen and grow. It is a place where we can and do discuss the kinds things we once kept to ourselves - our thoughts and feelings about our relationships, our kids, our feelings, our hopes, and our fears. We’ve developed the kind of openness, honesty, and common language that is so rare but so necessary among men of our age.”

LH, Wisdom Years Group Participant

“Since he started with his group, he talks and listens in ways he hadn’t before. He’s more attuned to me and more understanding with our kids. I think his group has made a difference in our lives and I know it’s made a difference in our relationship.”

LD, Wife of Group Participant



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